Shelley’s Family Jewels Now Sold in Palettes of Perfection Studio

I would like everyone to know that Shelley’s Family Jewels now has its vintage jewelry for sale in the studio at Palettes of Perfection. We are so excited about this, and there has already been an amazing response. Shelley’s passion is collecting (and restoring if needed) authentic bracelets, earrings, broaches, necklaces, rings, clutches, and more. Her expertise in the different eras, trends, stones, etc. is impressive. As Shelley would say, “Who was she?” While wearing a star ruby necklace or a crystal and pearl broach, you just have to wonder, “Did she wear them to a cocktail party in 1924?” or “Was it on a ship to London in 1925?”

Shelley also specializes in consulting brides on jewelry for their wedding day. The completely one-of-a-kind pieces make perfect bridesmaids’ or mothers’ gifts.

And let’s talk about the prices!! Shelley prices her treasures with your pockets in mind! She is a wonderful person, and we are proud to carry her jewelry right in our store now. Come try on a slice of history at Palettes of Perfection in Asheville, NC (21 Wall Street- Downtown).

Shelley’s Family Jewels
Below is just the tiniest little peak into what Shelley has to offer:

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